Spine Training

"A man is as young as his spinal coloumn" (Pilates)

Calories Burnt
Up to 200 kcal
50 min
Skill Level
Class type
Body&Mind classes

This class is a great compliment to your usual weekly training program; however, taking it on its own will also give you a thorough spinal workout.  By stretching and lengthening the muscles along the spinal column and their connective tissues, these exercises are suitable for maintaining greater flexibility and good health of the back.

To mobilize, strengthen and stretch – the 3 key words of the class

The aim of these exercises are to improve the physical functioning of the cervical, dorsal and pelvic section of the spinal muscle frame

  • To develop strong and flexible trunk muscles that work together to support an stabilize the spine
  • To re-learn and uphold correct posture through body awareness
  • To make the body forget postural imbalances and inefficient movement habits
  • To increase awareness of deep muscle tissues
  • To relax and mobilize the spine, the vertebrae, as well as the shoulder joints
  • To lengthen tired, stiff, and shortened muscles
  • To develop and maintain spinal flexibility and good health
  • To avoid chronic back pain