Terms&Conditions - Flórián

The Operator of Gilda Max Fitness clubs:

Fitness Vision Hungary Limited Liability Company
trade registration number: 01-09-376249
tax number: 12459872-2-42
bank account: 12010501-01370929-00100006
company seat: 1.C. lház.földszint, Corvin sétány, Budapest, H-1082,
address: 1082 Budapest, Futó u. 48-50.

The Policies aim at determining the behaviour of persons staying in Gilda Max Fitness Clubs (persons taking the services, referred to as: ‘Guests’ and other users, referred to as: ‘Users’) among one another and all the standard rules which are inevitable so that the service provider activities may be rendered at a high standard.

Furthermore, the policies also specifies the requirements serving for the regular use, conservation and safe operation of Gilda Max Fitness Clubs which rules are not set forth in other regulations.

For minor between the age of 14 and 16 the separate consent of the legal representative /parent/ is also necessary for the valid registration, which separate consent may be downloaded from HERE. In the event of registering through the Internet the consent may be given by filling in the form which can be downloaded from the website and submitting the same during the first visit paid by the minor or returning the same by facsimile or post.

In the event of a minor under the age of 14, it is exclusively the legal representative/parent who may register on behalf of the minor.