Personal training

Doing a workout with a personal trainer is safer, quicker and much more amusing than alone.

All of us has a goal when we decide to go to a fitness club. It is the personal trainer who helps and support you in reaching your personal fitness goals.

Doing a workout with a personal trainer is safer, quicker and much more amusing than alone. It sounds simple that a personal trainer helps you with motivation, advises and encouragement, but this support really gives impetus to you during your workouts.

They do not only help you upon the trainings, but contribute in reaching your fitness goals as soon as possible.

Each person has different condition and requirements. Our qualified trainers prepare your personal training plan based on your physical condition and your goals (whether they are muscle strengthening, weight loss, rehabilitation or just getting into shape after having a baby) and will adjust it to your actual condition and level of development as time passes. The trainers not only control your workouts but can influence your whole life: they give you suggestions regarding the healthy eating, advise what they think you should change in your lifestyle.

How can a personal trainer help you at everyday workouts?

  • motivates you all the time - this way you won’t give it up, not even in the most difficult moments
  • correct your faulty movements, teaches you how to do them correctly therefore your workout will be more effective
  • gives you a professional help
  • present the latest equipment and teach you how to use them
  • thanks to her/his professional backround your workouts will be more effective and you reach your fitness goals sooner


We are very proud of having a highly qualified trainer team, who focus on our quest’s fitness goals  and help them with special attention.


Check our personal trainers, fix a meeting and go for your goals together!

The price of the personal training has to be paid above the daily and membership passes, directly to the trainers. For price information please contact the trainers.

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