Massage provides relaxation and recreation, your body will be full of energy.

Massage has a lot of advantages: besides providing relaxation and recreation, your body will be full of energy; it helps regeneration and heals the pain. It can be a complementary or alternative therapy in case of recovery from physical injuries.

There is a big pressure on our muscles during workouts, that is why we have muscular strain. The stressed muscles and the accumulated toxin can cause pain which can be reduced effectively with massage: it can relax the muscles and the joints, meanwhile stimulates blood circulation.

Massage is also very important in case of stretching – those muscles can be stretched that cannot be treated with the traditional way. During the massage our muscles relax, our  body recharges and has a rest.

Massage makes you feel great both from physical and from emotional point of view. It’s recommended to all age groups.



Contact details for the massage studio in our club:

Felek Mihály
medical masseur

Phone: +36 20 258 5220