About us

The history of Gilda Max goes back to more than 20 years. The goal of creating the first fitness centre was to provide fitness facilities and auxiliary services with professional equipment, professional expertise and well-trained trainers.

We believe that sport transforms our body, makes us healthier and builds a positive self-image that gives us power and confidence every day. Our club was designed to help our clients to reach their personal fitness goals - whether muscle strengthening, weight loss or getting in shape. We warmly welcome our quests every day of the year.

Besides providing a lot of possibilities for sports and fitness, our goal is becoming an important place for the energetic and movement-oriented communities.

The economic success itself is not enough value for us – we reach our mission if our clients are satisfied and reach their fitness goals, that is why we offer the best possibilities for regular workout and sport. We will be really successful if our members feel that Gilda Max has helped them in developing and changing their lifestyle.

Contact details

Head Office

Company: Fitness Vision Hungary Ltd.

Company registration number: 01-09-376249

Tax number: 12459872-2-42

Head office: 1.C. lház.földszint, Corvin sétány, Budapest, H-1082

Address: 48-50. Futó utca Budapest, H-1082



Lévi Herczeg sales manager
email: herczeg.levi@gilda-max.hu
phone: +36 70 672 05 87



Péter Soós club manager
email: peter.soos@life1.hu
phone: +36 70 677 5536



Professional management

Bernadett Czigány group-fitness manager
email: betti.czigany@life1.hu


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