We warmly welcome your children from 18 months old to our homelike childcare.

In Gilda Max Flórián Fitness you can enjoy our facilities without worrying about your child or looking for a babysitter in advance. Our qualified team takes care about the children and entertain them while you do your workout.

We warmly welcome your children from 8 months old to our homelike childcare.

We planned the childcare to ensure space for smaller children for creep climbing and walking.

If your child is under 3 years we suggest you to accompany her/him to our childcare and spend some time together. In case of 2-3 occasion the children van get used to the new atmosphere.

Lot of funny and entertaining program are waiting for the bigger children, like arts and crafts: gluing, cutting, coloring, making puppets, folding, home improvement etc.

We focus on giving a special experience to the children, making them happy to return the next time.

The childcare is free for our guests for the first two hours of the workout, otherwise it costs 1000 Ft/hour/child.

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 8.00am - noon and 4pm-8pm


  • We take care about children more than 8months.
  • You can leave your baby/child in case of filling a form
  • Only that person can take away the child who had brought him/her
  • We undertake only healthy children, if he/she is sick or ill, sorry but they cannot stay in the childcare
  • Please provide food and beverages, and nappy if it is needed
  • Please bring extra shoes or socks for change; the childcare cannot be visited with street shoes
  • You are obliged to leave your phone number at the childcare – is there is any problem, we get in touch with you