Hot Iron II

Uniquely effective, fatburning up to 23 hours after training.

Calories Burnt
Up to 800 kcal
50 min
Skill Level
Class type
Functional training

Extremely effective workout at the edge of aerobic and weight training sessions has been developed by professionals, natural therapists, bodybuilders and international fitness presenters in Germany and are now clearly considered to be one of the most popular fat burning methods.

The unique efficacy of this method lies in the fact that it has post-burning effect, meaning that your body will struggle with fat cells not only during exercise but after 23 hours as muscle recovery continues during calorie recovery.

During group workouts, the participants are packing the dumbbells on a light weight bar to work on the major muscle groups of the whole body.


  • You can get more defined muscles or if you struggle with overweight you can expect a       quick weight loss.
  • Hot Iron exercises increase your bone density, which reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
  • By working on deep muscles, your posture will also improve.
  • It improves heart function, metabolism, digestion, and reduces the blood pressure in the resting state, and relieves stress.


The Iron System also made sure that everyone from the beginner to the advanced can find their place in the system.

On this track, HOT IRON 1, HOT IRON 2 and IRON Cross classtypes were developed.

HOT IRON I is recommended for beginners/rebeginners, as it is a perfectly made up training program on an elementary level. It moves your whole body and ensures fast development with the greatest security. 2-3 occasions per week is recommended, at least for 8-12 weeks

HOT IRON 2 is recommended for a bit advanced level, for those who attended at least 8 weeks of intense Hot Iron 1 classes. Here we work with more complex excercise combinations, and we also start movements over the head. The training duration is a bit longer than the Hot Iron 1 class, but the excecrcises are very similar. We suggest to attend 2 occasions per week, at least for 8 weeks!

IRON CROSS class is a hipertrophical training, definitely recommended for advanced level, with the most intense fat burning effect. At this class, we work with 8-12 repetitions, with relatively big weights, like a cross training. Recommended 2-3 occasions per week, for 6-8 weeks.