Pregnancy exercise class

Pregnancy exercise class:

An exercise class developed for pregnant mothers that moves your whole body, which closes with relaxation that is important for both the baby and the mother. It helps you keep in good condition during your pregnancy and through the relaxation it deepens the mother-foetus connection.

Hot Iron 1

Hot Iron 1:

The hot iron system beginner class. It involves strength and stamina training during which you learn the basic exercises. During the class you follow a strict training plan, so in just 8-10 weeks you can achieve spectacular development. Besides losing fat, your muscles become firmer due to the effect of the exercises that put your entire body to work.

Functional Training Plus

Functional Training Plus:

A preventive, functional class where great emphasis is placed on strengthening the core muscles, on appropriate mobility of the joints and on developing stability. Beside all this, the objective is development of balance, stamina and strength, for which you use the best systems and equipment (TRX, Ultimate Sandbag, Kettlebell, rubber ropes, unstable surfaces, Trigger Point rollers) and naturally own bodyweight exercises. The classes are varied and enjoyable. A precondition of taking the classes is good knowledge of the basic TRX exercises. Advance reservation is required for this type of class.

Dynamic yoga

Dynamic yoga:

Yoga is peace and calmness from which your life will change…

During a dynamic yoga class you use the exercises of classical yoga, creating sets of exercises from them and then we put the dynamics into it. Yoga is the oldest movement system in the world and has innumerable beneficial effects:

it loosens and strengthens your muscles, makes your joints flexible, improves blood circulation, starts your body’s detoxification functions and harmonises the vegetative nervous system, it has a stress-relief effect, increases vitality and has a figure-shaping effect… in other words a form of exercise recommended for everyone.

You do not meditate during the class, there are no spiritual elements, the emphasis is on movement.

Step + strengthening

Step + strengthening:

This class differs from the traditional step class in that the choreography you learn is not repeated throughout the entire class, instead we leave time for strengthening exercises during and at the end of the class as well.

Child fitness

Child fitness:

Child fitness is a comprehensive form of exercise. It combines elements of rhythmic gymnastics with gymnastics, acrobatics and dance.

It can be taught even at the age of 4 years. After learning the basics, the children are taught elements of dance and acrobatics. Then the children learn show dancing and fitness choreographies performed to music in the classes.




During the class your learn a choreography on the step platform. The movements gradually build on one another, so by the end of the class everyone learns the step series taught by the trainer. Due to its dance and entertaining character it is a very popular class, which also has a fat-burning.

Por de Brass

Por de Brass:

The dance of body and mind. A mixture of dance, ballet, strength and flexibility in the scope of a conditioning training class. Port De Bras is a type of class that forms a bridge between those who enjoy pilates, dancing, ballet and fitness aerobics. It is a form of exercise that combines dance, ballet, stretching and strengthening, figure-forming training.


In essence:


  • Soft, slow music and continual movements built into a beautiful and elegant choreography
  • Dance, ballet, strengthening training, with development of looseness and flexibility at the same time
  • Body-consciousness development, internal peace, harmony and sense of rhythm development
  • Recommended for everyone, preliminary skills are not required




A form of exercise carried out in a room heated to 40 ºC. While you are enjoying the beneficial effects of an infra-sauna, you shape your figure, lose weight, detoxify yourself and develop your sense of valance and coordination. From class to class you can feel your flexibility improving, you feel less stressed and you have better self-control. It also has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and all this happens in just one hour.



A functional training method. During the class you work with the help of straps suspended to a frame, which can make the given exercise easier or more difficult. As the strap suspension is not stable, while doing the exercises it makes those muscles work that are not affected so much by traditional exercises. TRX is especially good at strengthening your body-support muscles. It is recommended for everyone as due to it being a small group class the trainer is able to concentrate on all the participants individually. It is an especially good cross-training method for sportsmen and women.